Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Greetings!
With Spring upon us and the snow almost gone, its time to dust off those tennis rackets and start thinking game, set and match! The GTA board met March 22 and discussed the 2011 tennis season:

1] Officers elected were Rick Miner, President; Chuck Connington, Vice President; Harry Bovio, Treasurer; Tim Prevost, Secretary. Anyone who would like to be on the board, call Rick Miner @ 413.863.4428.

2] We would like to see the clay courts ready to play on by May 1. Rick called Sandra Sheilds the DPW superintendent  and was told that is their plan also, (weather permitting). She will be calling for the 2011 price of the clay and let us know. There is still half a pallet of calcium chloride left from last year. This is enough to start the year off. We might have to buy another pallet for the remainder of the season.

3] We are into our 4th year of using the tennis lines. This will be our last year with these lines. NEXT YEAR WE WILL HAVE TO PURCHASE NEW LINES. In 2008 they cost $2,241.00. They will cost more next year! The Greenfield DPW will prep, roll and lay the lines down and nail about every 20th hole. We will finish the job! When they let us know an email will be sent to the group for volunteers to complete the job.

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