Ladder Update

Due to lack of interest the Ladder has been put on hold...Sorry.

The ladder is scheduled to start May 16th, (or when clay courts are ready). Good luck to all the competitors! To enter email Tim at .  

...The "4.0 Ladder Challenge" is changing once again. It is now a Doubles Competition.
All teams will more or less be NTRP 4.0 rated. Ladder rankings will be determined by performance. A strong team can move to the top in one match but will surely be passed by others if they don't keep active. This prevents stagnation in the ladder and a losing effort gets rewarded for performance, but not enough to allow a team to maintain a high position simply by playing a lot of matches. Every losing effort also produces a higher-ranked winner although winning is rewarded considerably more than just participating. Any team on the ladder can challenge anyone else, up or down, providing motivation for all players to participate. You must play everyone once before playing anyone again.  Any team can rise as high in the rankings as performance justifies, yet no one can sit on their laurels. The ONLINE league is updated every time a match is entered. When you beat a team you move into a position above them. But unlike a traditional ladder, the losers receive a reward for their effort that is proportional to the performance of that effort.  All teams will  be assigned a username & password and be required to register. Once you are registered, on your personalized page you can view the league rankings and the latest match results. Plus, you can enter your own match results and see the effect on the rankings immediately. You can click the profile button beside any member to see their entire match history!  You can also update your own profile and change your username & password.
The more teams who sign up, the more match options there are!

Please email TIM at to pre-register or if you have any questions. The cost is $20.00/team.  May 16 is the anticipated start date. THIS WILL BE A LOT OF FUN...GUARANTEED!..Thanks, Tim